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About Us

Established in 1998, ParsPage is Canada's first and largest website for Iranian News and Culture. At the time, we felt the need for such a website in Canada to bring all Iranian individuals, businesses and  organizations together under one roof and in a professional and friendly environment. Our prime directive is to assist them  achieve this goal. 

ParsPage management has gone through some changes during the past few months. GRFE Ltd. is now the parent company of ParsPageIt is of a great value to mention the name of the co-founder of ParsPage,
Mr. Kouros Gorgani. It is very unfortunate for us that due to his tight schedule running his new company Mr. Gorgani is no longer with ParsPage, however, his input in establishing  ParsPage has been  imperative, vital and very precious and without his technical skills it would not have been possible for us to establish ParsPage. Therefore his name will always be a part of ParsPage's history.

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Mission Statement

ParsPage aims to provide the highest quality Internet service by acknowledging that its visitors are its first priority, by employing reliable leading edge technology, and by furthering knowledge of electronic communication society.

All indicators point toward a future with an Internet based economy. In association with ParsPage, your business can be assured a place in that future. ParsPage is dedicated to providing the highest quality Internet services for businesses and individuals that have decided to incorporate the technological trends of the future.


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